yellow shouldered amazon



Yellow shouldered amazon

The Yellow Shouldered Amazon for sale is an excellent type of pet bird for any home. Yellow Shoulders can differ slightly in pigmentation, however like a common Amazon, they are a stunning iridescent green with yellow and blue splashes.

The yellow shouldered amazon, also called the yellow-shouldered parrot, is a parrot of the genus Amazon discovered in the arid locations of northern Venezuela, the Venezuelan islands of Margarita and La Blanquilla, and the island of Bonaire. It has been extirpated from Aruba and possibly also Curaçao. Yellow-shouldered Amazons can most likely live up to 50 to 60 years or more.

Appearance and Personality

Yellow-shouldered Amazons are bright green with a face variably colored with blue, yellow, and white. They are somewhat comparable in appearance to blue-fronted Amazons but are identified by size (yellow shoulders are smaller) and facial coloration. Yellow shoulders have yellow on the face and crown with pale pigmentation on the forehead and white eye-rings.

Yellow-shouldered Amazons, which are rarely available as animals, have moderate to low speaking ability. In basic, males are much more typical than females and tend to become quite aggressive.

Yellow-shouldered Amazons ought to always be offered with toys, blocks of wood, or branches that they can chew. To guarantee security, buddy Amazons should not be allowed without supervision flexibility in the house as they frequently experience contaminants or harmful products. Young Amazons should be socialized with many people and exposed to numerous circumstances such as brand-new cages, toys, check outs to the vet, handling by friends, and wing and nail clips to avoid the fear of unique scenarios.


The Yellow shouldered amazon for sale must be fed a developed (extruded or pelleted) diet as a basis for good nutrition. The diet plan must be supplemented with fresh fruits and vegetables daily to add range and psychological enrichment. Feed around 1/4 cup of created diet plan and 1/4 cup of fresh fruits and vegetables daily. Display food consumption. Overfeeding leads to pickiness, selective feeding, and inefficient throwing of food. Yellow-shouldered Amazons should be provided seeds or nuts by hand as deals with for bonding since they tended to obesity. Vitamin supplements are not required for birds consuming a formulated diet plan.


Care ought to be taken not to clip the wing plumes excessively as Amazons typically fall and injure themselves. Yellow-shouldered Amazons are fairly light-bodied and require the elimination of more flight feathers than the majority of Amazons.


Yellow-shouldered Amazons are extremely active and need to be supplied the biggest cage that space and budget plan permit. Ideally, the bird will have an outdoor cage to enable playtime in the fresh air and sunshine.