Hyacinth macaw for sale


5 Benefits of buying a  Hyacinth macaw from Happy Parrot Haven -You get

A Healthy well adjusted exotic bird
A bird Weaned unto a variety of nutritious diet
A bird that has been Raised in a quiet environment with enough toys
A bird that has been Socialized to so many people, places, and objects.


Hyacinth macaw for sale

The hyacinth macaw is native to central and eastern South America, mostly found in north and south central Brazil. The Hyacinth macaw for sale is among the biggest of parrots. Just like its name suggests it is coated in vivid blue feathers. It sports bare eyes with yellow rings that wrap around black eyes with a yellow chin, an extremely hooked beak, and zygodactylous feet (2 toes that are pointed towards the forward direction and 2 toes that are pointing backward). This exotic bird can leave for more than 70years.

Hyacinth macaws for sale

   The hyacinth macaw for sale is very gentle and natural, sometimes referred to as the gentle giant. This bird can be trained easily with positive reinforcement. It also tends to be very close to its human caregivers.
The pet Macaw could choose the person he loves most for affection, however, the hyacinth macaw tends to be part of the family and can be a good companion for children. Socialized from a young age, the hyacinth macaw can interact with other Macaw parrots who are also very keen to interact with humans who are new to them.

Care and feeding the hyacinth macaw for sale

  The hyacinth macaw for sale is hand raised in a nurturing environment. The large pet bird that weighs about 3.8lbs so much enjoys human company and needs a cage of at least 3’x2’x5’. The hyacinth macaw feeds on a commercially made pellet and seed mix specially made for macaws. Avocados and chocolate are considered toxic.