Blue headed pionus for sale



Blue-headed Pionus for sale

The Blue headed Pionus for sale is native to South America and Central America. It can be found in forests and semi-open countries and its range includes Costa Rica, Venezuela, Trinidad, Bolivia, and Brazil

Compared to the Amazon, conure, and macaw, the Pionus is indeed quiet, has a more even temperament than lovebirds or African greys, but is more independent than cockatoos. Pionus bird lovers tell a different story and say their birds are affectionate and quieter than other parrots, and they are attentive and sweet. As with all parrots, the way a Pionus is raised by its human guardians makes the difference between a shy bird and a great companion. A Pionus guardian should be ready to spend a great deal of time with their bird. In a home with other louder, more demanding birds, the Pionus may not get the attention it requires.

Pionus aren’t known as the best talkers, but some can generate impressive vocabulary. A blue-headed Pionus parrot’s voice might sound raspy. So pay attention to your bird’s vocalizations for words you might be missing. Because the Pionus is quiet in comparison to many other parrot species. It can be an ideal companion for those who have close neighbors.

Pionus parrots, including blue-headed Pionus, have hearty appetites. Offers a balanced diet and can include seed mixtures such as our Parakeet Seed mixture, sprouted sunflower seeds, pellets, berries, and fresh fruit. And leafy vegetables are especially high in Vitamin A, as they are prone to Vitamin-A deficiency. Consult with your avian veterinarian for the ideal diet for your blue-headed Pionus parrot. Blue Headed Pionus For Sale