Blue fronted amazon for sale



Blue fronted amazon for sale

Blue-fronted Amazon parrots are among the best-talking birds kept as family pets. They have fantastic colorings, and each bird has unique feather patterns to go along with its extroverted character.

The blue fronted Amazon for sale is a highly friendly and extrovert specie of parrot coming from South America. It has around the world appeal as a pet and buddy bird.

The blue fronted Amazon bird makes a fine choice for a companion or family pet because of its friendly nature, amusing ways, and durability.


Because the blue fronted Amazon for sale is such a spirited bird and can remain for hours by itself, the cage it is kept in ought to be spacious enough so that it can move around unimpeded. The ideal dimensions for the cage should be 24x20x20 inches. Give your bird lots of toys to have fun with, and you can leave it by itself for a few hours without it ever investing a solitary dull minute. An appropriate nest box must be provided during the breeding season.

Perches made from the rough and coarse product must be provided to help them perch better; it is likewise great for their feet and legs. Putting a few concrete perches can conserve both yourself and your bird the experience of having its nails filed.

Personality and Behavior of the blue fronted amazon for sale

The blue fronted amazon for sale is a very friendly, fun-loving bird that does too in human interactions as it carries out in interactions with other birds and even other pets. Male blue-fronts do tend to get a little aggressive throughout the breeding season, however never enough to stress the owner. However, they do have an effective bite, so make certain you train it well enough that it can calm down at the utterance of a certain word or phrase.

They are very protective of their owner and will do a dive bomb attack on anybody it views as a threat to their master.


A pet blue-fronted Amazon enjoys a diverse diet plan; this can include a seed mix or dietary pellets, fresh fruits, and veggies. They do delight in periodic chicken treats. A couple of things that are a strict no-no for the blue-front are avocado and chocolate. Both these birds are extremely harmful to the bird, as undoubtedly they are to any member of the parrot household.


A trained blue front will let you understand when it is time for him to take his bath, and it will even tell you how you must shower him. You can pick to spray it with fresh, tidy water, or you might select to spray it with aloe vera.

The cage needs day-to-day maintenance as far as cleaning up the water bowl and food meals go. Weekly tasks consist of cleaning up the perches and cleaning the toys. The floorings of the cage ought to be cleaned and cleaned up every other week.

Another thing to note is that your blue-fronted Amazon will molt its feathers occasionally, with the frequency depending on the environment it is kept in and the natural light it gets. Throughout this time, it will end up being less sociable and friendly, being defensive and rather anxious instead. Provide your bird sufficient time and assistance as it handles its molting.