Parakeets(Budgerigars) originated in Australia. These long tapered-tailed birds are very colorful parrots considered the smallest members of the parrot family. A parakeet for sale can leave for up to 30 years depending on how you treat and care for it. A parakeet for sale is a perfect suit for anyone who is adopting a bird for the first time.

Parakeets come in a variety of colors including pastel blues, yellows, dark greens, violets, solid whites, and almost limitless combinations of the same.
These highly social birds live in large flocks in the wild, resulting in them needing a lot of social interaction with their owners to stay happy.
Parakeets are mostly kept in pairs or groups, this makes them more active. You can easily tame and train a parakeet for sale to be friendly with everyone including children and other house pets.

A parakeet for sale plays a lot and should be provided a big-sized cage. A parakeet likes to climb so add at least 2 horizontal bars on the sides of its cage. These bars will facilitate climbing for a hookbill. Cage bar spacing should not be more than 1/2” to avoid injury.
A parakeet for sale feeds on pellets, veggies, nuts, and fruits. Most prefer boiled vegetables to fresh ones. A parakeet for sale needs a healthy diet and water regularly for it to stay a healthy and happy pet bird. A formulated diet can make it bored and cause it to misbehave. Add supplements and vitamins into its drinking water and stay away from parsley, avocado, and cabbage.

A parakeet for sale is an excellent talker, among the best in the world. This bird can learn a lot of sounds, words, and phrases if exposed to them repeatedly. We have friendly parakeets for sale including; Alexandrine parakeet, moustached parakeet, and Indian ringneck.

To buy a p from us you need to Contact us specifying the sex and age range of the parakeet you are interested in.

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