Conures originate from Argentina and Mexico. These mostly caged birds are small in size with slender built long pointed tails and can live for more than 28years.
Our conures for sale come in a diverse range of charming colors, with a small cere on their black or horn-colored beak.

Conures are sweet little angels. They have a great personality which makes them fun to be with as a life companion. A conure for sale will make a great pet for a family because of its small size and funny character.
These sweet pet birds’ feathers are mostly covered in colors yellow, orange, green, red, and blue. Eye ring (lack of feathers in the eye) is a distinctive characteristic of most conures.
Conures are very handsome, playful, and friendly. These birds tend to be bad-tempered and have unpleasant calls. They usually do not mimic.

The appropriate cage size of a conure for sale should be 36″ long, 24″ wide, and 66″ high with ¾” wire spacing. Perches should be provided but do not place the water or food cans under them.
Conures feed on a variety of vegetables and fruits. There have been different opinions on conure’s diet concluding that there is no particular format for feeding these little pet birds.

Conures have talking abilities. These pet birds’ vocabularies are not as large as that of other parrot species but they can learn to speak a few words and phrases. We have conures for sale including nanday conure, blue crown conure, black capped conure, half moon conure, golden capped conure, golden conure, sun conure, and green cheek conure.

To buy a conure from us you need to Contact us specifying the sex and age range of the macaw you are interested in.

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