Health Guarantee

Health Guarantee at Happy Parrot Haven

We guarantee that our parrots are very healthy and free from all diseases or parasite symptoms at the time of sale.
Customers are provided a 14days health guarantee on weaned birds. We encourage customers to take the bird to an avian vet. ( You can contact us for Vet recommendations).
If the parrot is proven to be unfit by the vet, you will have to present the vet paperwork so that we can immediately confirm and exchange the bird or proceed with a full refund on the bird’s purchase. This guarantee does not cover unweaned parrots.
If you do not take the parrot to a vet after 14 days then you must understand that the sale has been finalized and the guarantee does no longer cover your bird.
If you have further questions on our health guarantee and shipping you should Contact Us or check the FAQs page.