About Us

About Happy Parrot Haven

Happy Parrot Haven is a family of 4 knowledgeable bird owners established in Bogota, New Jersey in 2016. Moved from Bogota in 2018 just before the outbreak of the pandemic. Happy Parrots started shipping birds within the USA in 2018 and, to the UK, Australia, Canada, and worldwide in 2020. We started diversifying pet stores and entered the matter of discount dispersion for pet-related stock in the same year. We have gained market in the United States and global markets including, Canada, United Kingdom, Mexico, and Germany. It is our craving at Happy Parrot Haven to have any kind of effect on the networks that we serve. For over 5 years, Happy Parrot Haven has been the retail pet industry pioneer in the territory of birds with continuous staff preparing programs and in-store parrot farming frameworks. “Our pet guides are devoted to coordinating the correct pet with the correct client and addressing the requirements of both. To our clients who as of now have pets, we are devoted to upgrading their insight and pleasure in the human-creature bond.” We equally have bird supplies for you.