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Parrots for sale

Parrots For Sale

Parrots (Psittacines) consist of 350 beautifully colored pet birds of different types and we have steadily proven to be one of the most reputable pet stores in the USA with over 40 different species of hand-raised and tamed parrots for sale including; Macaws, African grey, Quaker parrots, Eclectus, Amazon parrots, cockatoos, conures, Pionus parrots, Parakeets, and many other exotic parrots. We are a family of 4 knowledgeable staff who hand-raised and train our baby parrots to be friendly from birth so that they can become lovely pet birds as we get them ready for their new families.

We aim to breed friendly, lovely, and eye-catching parrots for sale that will suit every bird lover so we treat and care for our parrots like family. They grow to be very sociable and extraordinarily affectionate pet birds. We hand raise our baby parrots for sale at our aviary located in New Jersey. We provide in-store shopping for you to pick up pet supplies like toys and a bird cage. We have an experienced staff which consists of 4 bird breeders with great knowledge about parrots and amazing customer service, always ready to guide and help you make the right choice of parrot to buy and also decide on the size and type of cage to go with.

Parrots for sale

Exotic Birds For Sale

We hand-rear exotic birds for sale and one of our primary objectives here at Happy Parrot Haven is to breed parrots that provide maximum customer gratification with the help of our well-informed staff. We teach our exotic birds for sale how to say a few words so that they can become talking parrots. Our birds are often assigned to new homes very early so we can not guarantee that all the parrots for sale listed are available all month or year. Customers who are interested in buying a parrot shortly are allowed to contact us by phone number or email to make a reservation on their desired bird of interest. You can quickly pick up your exotic bird if you are within miles

We help customers arrange shipping to their nearest airport and We will agree on a shipping time with the customer following the weather forecast. A flight number and tracking will be provided before the departure of the parrot. We ship our parrots for sale to all 50 states in the US with Delta Airlines. We also provide international shipping to the UK, Australia, Canada, and worldwide. We advise that customers go to the airport 1 hour before arrival so that the bird does not have to wait for you.

Exotic birds for sale

6 Best Talking Parrots for Sale


 Originating from the rainforests of southern America, macaws are known around the world for their beautifully colored feathers, we have in-store blue and gold macaws, hyacinth macaws, Hahn’s macaws, scarlet macaws, and many other macaw parrots for sale. Click on the button below to see available macaws

Amazon Parrots

 Our Amazon parrots are very playful, social, and lovely birds. They like to interact with their owners and are easily tamed. We hand raise the blue-fronted amazon, double yellow head Amazon, yellow-naped Amazon, and many other amazon parrots. Click on the button below to see available Amazon parrots.


Cockatoos are very renowned pet birds proven to be very intelligent. They love attention so they tend to easily bond with humans, we breed rose-breasted cockatoos, umbrella cockatoos, Goffin cockatoos, Moluccan cockatoos, black palm cockatoos, and a few other cockatoos. Click on the button below to see available cockatoos


Very affectionate as they are, our conures come in different colors of white, red, orange, and green. They are commonly found in South and Central America. This specie consist of sun conures, dusky conures, golden conures, green cheek conures, golden capped conures, etc… Click on the button below to see available conures

Pionus Parrots

Pionus parrots are calm and affectionate pet birds who so much enjoy human company. Small in size, they are easy to tame and keep as pets. Available Pionus parrots include; bronze wing pionus, Maximilian pionus, blue-headed pionus, and white-capped pionus parrots. Click on the button below to see available pionus parrots

Parakeets for Sale

With their intelligent nature, parakeets are very composed pet birds with great personalities. They are beautifully colored and friendly with humans, and other pets. They are loved worldwide by all bird lovers. Our list of available parakeets consists of Indian ringneck, Alexandrine, and mustached parakeets. Click on the button below to see available Parakeets.

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Worldwide Shipping

We ensure safe departure to arrival of our parrots here at Happy Parrot Haven. We ship and deliver our parrots for sale worldwide.

24/7 Customer Assistance

24/7 Customer Assistance

We offer 24/7 customer support. Our experienced staff members are always already to carry all your queries and also, to help you make the right choice of companion.

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Safe Payments

Buy parrot for sale online at Happy Parrot Haven with secured payment methods. We accept Credit Card, PayPal, Apple Pay, E-Transfer etc

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